It all began with Annick Jasmin's personal experience, as she was well aware of the challenges of staying warm during winter activities. Faced with the inadequacy of protection offered by leggings and desiring warm clothing that accentuated her silhouette, she decided to create garments that were both alluring and cozy. The designer thus put an end to frosty leggings that left thighs and buttocks completely frozen.

The Luna pants have become iconic at OHSHO and are often referred to as the "magic pants" due to their elastic bands that add color and elegance. Luna complements any silhouette and creates a slimming, even seductive effect, regardless of your size.


With her team by her side, Annick embarked on a meticulous study to understand how European women managed to keep their buttocks warm. Their inspiration came from winter skirts, clothing that had already proven its effectiveness. OHSHO then created its own version by adding waistbands and stretchy side panels, thus providing a perfect fit for all sizes and shapes.

To stand out even more, the OHSHO team came up with the ingenious idea of offering reversible skirts, thus providing two styles in one garment. This approach met with resounding success, propelling OHSHO beyond winter skirts to become a complete brand, offering a range of clothing suitable for all seasons. A trendy collection with a European touch, accessible to a wide audience of savvy women.


"OHSHO" is the phonetic pronunciation of the expression "au chaud," which means "to keep warm." One day, Claire, Annick's daughter, was asked to write down this expression phonetically. Claire's efforts gave birth to a brand that speaks volumes. OHSHO, like the skirt FILIPA, another featured garment, is intended to be a palindrome, proud to be reversible and readable in both directions.