OHSHO is a brand of clothing designed specifically for active women who want to stay warm while engaging in their favourite activities. Made with high-quality fabrics, these garments offer distinctive and innovative characteristics and styles. The woman who chooses OHSHO clothing will be able to participate in a variety of winter activities, sports and more with complete confidence.

OHSHO first entered the Québec market in 2015. The brand quickly stood out and made a name for itself in Canada. For the past two years, OHSHO has also been available in the United States, on the East Coast, in the Midwest and in the popular and prestigious ski resorts of the American West. The OHSHO team continues to conquer new territories, unveiling its new collections for active women!

Who is behind OHSHO

Being an active woman herself, Annick Jasmin understood that wearing leggings outside, especially during the winter season, was a very unpleasant experience for several reasons.

"It's torture! They feel cold, even icy on the body, and are so thin they provide no heat. As a result, our thighs and bottoms quickly freeze in cold weather.” Anxious to solve this problem, she saw an opportunity to create clothes that would keep active women "warm".

Studying how European women keep their bottoms warm, Annick and her team soon discovered winter skirts.

Inspired by this skirt model, OHSHO introduced its own version with waistbands and stretchy side panels so that different models would adapt to all sizes and shapes of women. Aiming to stand out with an exceptional garment, the OHSHO team thought it would be fun, practical, and economical to offer a two-in-one reversible skirt, one side made of black fabric and the other side in coloured fabric with multiple colour choices.

A resounding success, OHSHO has expanded its product portfolio beyond a simple winter skirt. The brand now offers a collection of fashionable tops and bottoms for all seasons with a European flair at an affordable price for a wide range of discerning consumers.

About the OHSHO name

OHSHO is the phonetic spelling of the French expression "au chaud" meaning "to keep warm", a name created one day when Annick asked her daughter Claire to write the expression "au chaud" phonetically. She first wrote "osho", but as she looked closer at the word, she felt that it wasn’t balanced and added an "h" to form the word "OHSHO", which seemed perfect to her.

Realizing it was a palindrome, a word that reads the same backward and forward, she exclaimed: "Just like your reversible skirt Mom!" And since that unprecedented and historical moment, Claire is a sounding board for new ideas, styles and colors.