A style that stands
the test of time

OHSHO offers fashionable clothes for active women, adapted to their urban, athletic and mountain lifestyle activities. Inspired by European fashion, OHSHO's range of sophisticated styles celebrates women's elegance at all times. OHSHO encompasses a complete wellness experience, a fashionable look, and a healthy life.

Quilted fashion

Thanks to their ultra-feminine cuts and subtle details, which in no way affect their heating properties, our clothes made with our quilted fabric are absolute favourites and will elevate your looks with a unique fashionable touch!


This collection is designed to meet the different needs of active women, offering a range of suitable garments, for every activity, anywhere, anytime.


Ultra-comfortable clothes essential for our four beloved seasons: fall, winter, spring, and even during cooler summer days and evenings. OHSHO garments are sure to delight those who are very sensitive to cold.

Warm clothes

The warmth of our clothes comes from our quilted material. A layer of polyfill material is inserted between two pieces of material, creating a winning combination that secures and retains heat.

Stretch panels

Strategically placed to perfectly hug curves and refine silhouettes while ensuring function, flexibility and complete freedom of movement.


A choice of multi-activity clothing well adapted from the outdoors to urban life. An assured style for the whole day.

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